Locally Sourced  -  Crafted With Love.




At Farmhouse Pies, we believe a delicious pie can make you smile.  We live in an ever-changing world where we long for community, connection, and simplicity.  Our traditional, from-scratch pies may not make the world a perfect place, but they do offer a sweet spot in the day, filled with nostalgia.  Pies are made to be shared, so let us share them with you.   

Farmhouse Pies, a retail and wholesale bakery, was founded in 2016, by Annie Skelton, who learned to bake pies in her Aunt’s kitchen as a child.  Her natural drive to express love through feeding people, coupled with the knowledge that most people don’t have the time or training to make a great pie, prompted her to open Farmhouse Pies out of her farm kitchen. Although “easy as pie” may not apply to baking a pie, it certainly applies to eating a pie, and our Central Oregon community loves to eat pie!  Due to increasing demand for tasty pies and baked goods, a commercial kitchen has been completed on our beautiful Bend, Oregon farm.  
It’s not just about what’s in a pie, but also what’s not in that pie that matters.  At Farmhouse Pies, you won’t find preservatives or additives in our baked goods.  Our all-butter pie crusts are filled with simple, fresh ingredients and in-season produce from local farmers.  We draw inspiration from cherished family pie recipes and add our own personal twist to them. Our Farmhouse Pie bakers lovingly craft tasty pies and desserts for your birthday, holiday, special event, and every day sweet tooth satisfaction!  We welcome both pick-up and delivery orders.  Find us at local Farmers Markets, Festivals, Pie Camper Pop-Ups, and shops in Bend, Oregon.  

“My Midwest roots run deep, but it is central Oregon that stole my heart. I believe in living locally - in where I source my ingredients and in my support of local farms and businesses.  My hope is that you might come together with your family, friends, neighbors, and community over a slice of lovingly handmade pie. I’m happy to bake it for you!”.  Annie Skelton (Founder and Owner)