We are excited to begin offering an easier way to order pies for weddings and large events. 



Pies can be reserved two weeks ahead of time to be picked up Saturday morning at the Farmhouse Pie Kitchen or at the North-West Crossing Farmers Market. The flavors available will be limited to our weekly market menu, which will be ready at the time of reservation. Pies come whole only and no custom flavors or requests can be accommodated due to the low cost of this budget-friendly option.

This option can be applicable for orders up to 15 pies. Pricing is $26-$30 per 10" pie that can serve 6-7 people.

You are welcome to give us a heads up as far in advance as you like, but no official reservations are able to be made until two weeks before the pick up date.  YOU MUST GET A CONFIRMATION FOR THE RESERVATION TO BE COMPLETE.




~Custom Pies, Galettes, Mini-Pies, and Bars~

These items are priced per guest. Pies can be pre-sliced to specifications and custom flavors and décor are available. Prices per item are as follows:

Custom Large Pies: $6 per guest (one large slice)

Custom Large Cream: $7 per guest (some come already topped with whipped cream)

4" Mini Pies: $7 Per guest

4.5" Galettes (fold over tarts): $7 per guest

3" x 3" pecan pie bars: $6 per guest

*ask about our fresh whipped cream option!

See our seasonal menus for custom flavor options.




House-made whipped cream $0.50 per guest

Custom decorations (names, banners, lattice work, ect.) $10 per pie

Slicing (cut into 7 slices unless otherwise noted) $2.50 per pie


Within Bend city limits: $50

Outside of the Bend area is based on driver availability and priced based on milage.



Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to baking for your wedding or special event!